Winter Gear For the IDF Soldiers
I know what you are thinking.
Why doesn't the IDF provide enough changes of clothing for the solders?
The quick answer is, I don't know.

What I do know is that the temperatures have been below freezing and the
soldiers who are protecting Israel's borders are cold.

So PLEASE Join us again, in making sure our soldiers are WARM ENOUGH in the field.

A joint venture between "4 The IDF Soldiers", and "Standing Together"

Thank you for entrusting us to be your messengers,
in providing our soldiers with the tools they need.

Gedaliah and Elisheva Blum





Q: Why Winter Gear?

A: Although the IDF is the most prepared military in the world,one to one,
they are restricted in what they can provide to every individual soldier.
Therefore, when the guys and girls get into the army, they are given only what
is necessary. Winter gear is not one of them. So we can complain, or do what
ever we can to make these soldiers know that they are not being
LEFT OUT IN THE COLD while protecting the Jewish State.

Winter Gear
Fleece Jacket, Hat, Gloves and More.

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